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OSRAM Licht AG’s CEO Dr. Olaf Berlien Visits Shunmoon Shanghai Lighting

“OSRAM is a big and established brand in the lighting industry, but we need to be flexible and innovative to remain at the top.” – Dr. Olaf Berlien, Chief Executive Officer, OSRAM Licht AG

Joe Lin, GM of Shunmoon receiving Dr. Berlien at reception

Shunmoon Shanghai Lighting is honored to host OSRAM Licht AG’s CEO, Dr. Olaf Berlien, on his visit on 3rd March 2017, in view of a strong partnership among Sonepar Group, Shunmoon in China and OSRAM.

Having celebrated its 110th brand anniversary in 2016, OSRAM is often regarded as one of the first choice in professional lighting. Dr. Berlien - CEO of OSRAM, who is leading one of the world’s largest and established lighting company, shared OSRAM’s foresight and determination in sustainable growth. In the future OSRAM will mainly devote to three parts: Specialty Lighting, Digital System & Lighting Solutions, and Opto Semiconductor.

Having started working on multiple lighting solutions with OSRAM in China, Shunmoon becomes one of the most important distributors for OSRAM.


OSRAM Product Seminar Successfully Held

—— OSRAM, together with Shunmoon, promotes energy efficiency and sustainable development

On May 8th and 9th, 2017, one of the two largest lighting manufacturers in the world, OSRAM China, along with its partner in East China region, Shunmoon (Shanghai) Lighting Ltd., successfully hosted “2017 OSRAM Digital Lighting Systems Seminar” in both Danyang and Changzhou of Jiangsu Province.

This time, Shunmoon invited OSRAM digital lighting team to introduce to OEM clients in Jiangsu the domestic market strategy of digital lighting systems, LED outdoor, indoor drivers and application. Moreover, it was an honor to have the support from Sonepar China, the parent company of Shunmoon.

Shunmoon is the operation company of Sonepar in China’s lighting industry. Also because Sonepar is the worldwide partner of OSRAM, Shunmoon then is the worldwide distributor of OSRAM in China and has become rather important to OSRAM. Ranging from drive, LED module, lens to radiator, Shunmoon is able to provide systematic, one-stop, professional and reliable services to all.


LEDVANCE Product Conference Successfully Held

---- LEDVANCE, together with Shunmoon, moves forward in lighting industry

On April 13th, 2017, the global leading supplier of lighting products, LEDVANCE, joining hands with the partner in East China region, Shunmoon (Shanghai) Lighting Ltd., successfully hosted “2017 LEDVANCE Seminar” in Shanghai. This seminar is based upon introducing LEDVANCE company. The introduction includes presenting LEDVANCE’s major products---LED Luminaries and LED Lamps, fully displaying its innovative products and lighting solutions, and conducting in-depth discussion with the guests on topic of currently advanced skills in lighting industry and market trend.

During the seminar, the sales manager of LEDVANCE in East China region said, “As one of the world’s leading suppliers of professional and retail lighting, LEDVANCE not only owns hundred-year-old lighting technique and experience in Germany, but has been receiving recognitions from insiders through continuous development and innovation. LEDVANCE will dedicate to reinforce its market leading position, seize development opportunity of intelligent LED lighting, try best to reach customers’ requirements on professional lighting, and expand its business to intelligent household products in near future”.

Now, LEDVANCE is not only stronger than ever before, but has become one of the most powerful global brands of professional lighting. LEDVANCE China takes customers as the center. With customized, flexible and fast product system in coordination with Shunmoon’s reliable customer service system, we believe that Shunmoon and LEDVANCE, together with our customers, will create a bright and unprecedented future.


Shunmoon Awarded OSRAM China with “2016 Best Supplier Award”

Vincent Bossel, VP Vendor Relations, and Joe Lin, GM of Shunmoon

presented the "Best Supplier Award" to OSRAM CEO Dr. Berlien

and OSRAM Business Unit Digital Systems CEO (APAC), Wilhelm Cheng

In March 2017, to thank OSRAM China digital lighting system team for their support and dedication over the past year, Shunmoon and Sonepar China jointly awarded OSRAM China with “2016 Best Supplier Award”.

OSRAM is one of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers and has a history dating back more than 100 years. In China, OSRAM owns high-tech talents, aggressive team and professional lighting products, satisfying customers at all time.

With the support from OSRAM in 2016, Shunmoon had successfully carried out multiple projects and expanded service to more than 300 lighting equipment manufacturers. By hosting seminars, new product launch events, customer forums, etc., Shunmoon has widely promoted the latest best product technology and brand image of OSRAM in the market.In 2017, Shunmoon, Sonepar China and OSRAM will further strengthen cooperation and communication to provide better services. Besides professional technology, Shunmoon believes that we still need to give out more valuable advice to our customers.

Therefore, Shunmoon will work closely with OSRAM to improve sales and customer service, and remain committed to becoming a reliable partner of suppliers and customers.