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Lighting Solutions

Shunmoon provides energy-efficient lighting solutions, including a series of LED lamps and lighting systems, to effectively reduce power consumption and help you to lower electricity bills, accomplishing green, low-carbon, and environment-friendly requirements.

Lighting Components

Shunmoon has a wide range of product portfolio and intelligent lighting control system, providing a one-stop and flexible solution to the optical engine module and driver. R&D and innovation are constantly on the cutting edge of technology, providing elegant and modern lighting design for factories, engineers and so on.

Wholesale & Purchase

Shunmoon is closely cooperating with top-notch manufacturers and brands around the world as an agency of a range of lighting products. We collect high-quality lighting products for wholesale and retailers. Shunmoon has its own warehouse and abundant source of goods; with reliable and fast delivery service, you can always have sufficient supply of products.

Maintenance Support

Shunmoon works on maintenance and test on a regular basis. Doing so effectively prevents accidental malfunctions, reduces the total cost of system operation, and ensures the stable and safe operation of lighting equipments.

Design Support

Shunmoon takes advantage of crafty building lighting effect to create a suitable environment for buildings, bring a special sense of atmosphere and space, even highlight the art exhibition. Having different color and type choices, lamps can beautify the space and assist designers to further perfect interior design.

Tailor-made Solutions

Shunmoon provides tailor-made and energy-saving lighting solutions, controlling the cost, building superior environment, maintaining long-term competitiveness for shopping malls, chain stores and restaurants. With a series of LED lighting solutions we provide, consumers are capable of building a green and energy-efficient housing.

Technical Advice

Shunmoon professionals are equipped with enthusiasm, attentiveness and experience to analyze market solutions for you and choose the most suitable one, providing reliable and professional backups for you to solve all kinds of problems.

One-stop Support

Shunmoon has a variety of products to choose from. One-stop lighting solutions cater to consumers’ various needs.